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I've decided not to retire but instead become partially UTR/Low volume provider. I've had many changes in my life to where I will not be able to go on tour like I used to or have as much open availability in my hometown. But, that doesn't mean seeing me is impossible. Great things come to those with patience ;) 

If you see your city listed on my schedule for a future visit, I strongly encourage you to prebook. For now on, my visits will be determined strictly on prebooks & not possibilities before arrival. NCNS or constant cancellations will land you on my DNS list. If I respect your time, please respect mine. 

If you're wanting to see me in my hometown, PLEASE inquire 24 hrs in advance!!!! I cannot accommodate requests that need to be made within an hour or less. I live a very busy life & need to plan in advance. 


I've yet to plan a tour schedule for the month of May, but as soon as I get everything situated, I will update everyone.




**Prebooking is strongly encouraged if you're wanting me to visit your city**